Lake District – A lexical note

3 Jul

From times to times I’ll use less frequent words in my future posts relating to L.D. So today I publish a few definition from COED12 (COED12 stands for Concise Oxford English Dictionary Twelfth Edition).

Ait or Eyot
▶N. [in place names] Brit. A small island in a river.

▶N. A stream.

▶N. A mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark.

▶N. A valley, especially in northern England.

▶N. A hill or stretch of high moorland, especially in northern England.

▶N. N. English A waterfall.

▶N. 1 Brit. An open space surrounded by cloisters. 2 archaic A yard or garden.

Ghyll or Gill
▶N. chiefly N. English 1 A deep ravine, especially a wooded one. 2 A narrow mountain stream.

Holm or Holme
▶N. Brit. 1 An islet. 2 A floodplain.

▶N. N. English A tumulus or barrow.

▶N. Scottish & N. English A church.

▶N. literary (except in place names) A lake or pond.

▶N. A small mountain lake.

Thorp or Thorpe
▶N. [in place names] A village or hamlet.

▶N. [in place names] A piece of wild land cleared or reclaimed for cultivation.

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