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Tourisme à New York

8 Feb

Je suis tombé amoureux de New York il y a quelques années. J’aime beaucoup cette ville qui est vraiment très surprenante. Je m’intéresse aux différents aspects de cette ville: histoire, culture, politique, … et l’architecture si hétéroclite que l’on y trouve. J’ai donc décidé de partager mon intérêt, en texte et en image.

Interesting building in Manhattan (VI)

6 Feb


Near the UN secretariat stands the Beekman Tower Hotel. Erected during the second half of the 20’s, its design was widely lauded as a dramatic transition in urban skyscraper design. This tower, characterized by simplified forms and dramatic massing, is distinguished by its orange-tan brick and bold vertical stripping.

Interesting building in Manhattan (V)

3 Feb


Located on W 36th Street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue, the Haier Building (originally Greenwich Savings Bank) is one of the finest examples of the academic classical tradition in the US. It was designed by E. York and P. Sawyer who had both worked for the famous McKim, Mead & White company. Sawyer’s knowledge of ancient Roman architecture is manifest in the manner in which the three façades are articulated by a monumental Corinthian colonnade and a rusticated podium. Other than the signage on the exterior, the building has undergone few changes since the day it opened, in 1925.

Olmec art

1 Feb


When I was at the American Museum of Natural History, I took a picture of a mask. Well, it looks like another piece of pre-Columbian art… In fact, there is a little notice which explains that’s the only known Olmec object made of wood. It was found in a cave in the Guerrero state (Mexico). It was designed to be worn, probably on ceremonial occasions. The jade mosaic around the mouth, now largely lost, seems to have been added in post-Olmec times.